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  • 63 – Summer 2021 Anime Season In Review

    Fall 2021 anime season is more than halfway over, so what better time to talk about the Summer season! What shows did you enjoy the most from last season? Anime: […]

  • 61 – Star Wars: Visions

    I’m a big fan of Star Wars stuff, especially expanded universe stories, so I was beyond myself when they first announced this show and after they started dropping staff/studio info. […]

  • 60 – Godzilla Singular Point (Season 1)

    I love Godzilla. And kaiju. So what’s this new Godzilla series all about? I finally got around to watching this after it was released from Netflix Jail, so how did […]

  • 58 – Eden

    I finally got around to watching the Netflix Original (a real one) anime series, Eden. I enjoyed it, but it definitely has its flaws, that mostly stem from the short […]

  • 57 – SHIROBAKO The Movie

    Set 4 years after the original series, this movie brings back all the original cast to make an original movie! In the movie! I loved Shirobako and was so glad […]

  • 55 – Spring 2021 Anime Season In Review

    Since we’re already a few weeks into the Summer 2021 anime season, let’s talk about my thoughts on the Spring 2021 anime season instead! I split the shows up into […]

  • 54 – Those Snow White Notes (Season 1)

    I’ve enjoyed a lot of music anime or series based on a traditional Japanese art, so it was nice to get to listen to some great shamisen performances this past […]

  • 52 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

    I recently finished my rewatch of IBO (I was obviously inspired after building the wonderful MG Barbatos), so it was the perfect opportunity to talk about another Gundam series! I […]

  • 48 – Gundam Build Divers + Re:Rise

    Since I just finished watching, I figured it was perfect timing to talk about both my least favorite and tied for my favorite Gundam Build series, Divers and Divers Re:Rise. […]

  • 40 – 2020 Anime in Review (My favorite shows and the biggest surprises)

    Happy New Year! To wrap up the year, I go over my favorite shows and the biggest surprises for me in 2020. What is your anime of the year? What […]

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